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Aidan’s Blog

Thoughts from a National Squad athlete

Being part of the Student National Squad is about more than just winning medals, it provides a platform for wider personal development which can be applied to all aspects of life.". - Aidan Newbery

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My martial arts journey began when I was seven years old. I started with Karate and worked my way up to 3rd Dan black belt. When I started university, I began to compete a lot more and earned a place on the England Squad and an opportunity to represent my university at the European University Games.

To enhance my experience, I decided to take up Taekwon-Do as well. This was made possible through the accessibility of the events ran by the BUTL and I have been able to compete at their national league competitions several times a year for the last few years. The BUTL has really opened my eyes to the benefits of studying multiple martial arts, not just from the different techniques but also the social and networking opportunities that arise too.

I also find that doing martial arts is a great boost for mental health and wellbeing as it has provided me with a platform to destress and focus whilst studying for my degree.

Over the next year I look forward to progressing up the Taekwon-Do belt system and engaging with the large variety of events put on by the BUTL.

Aidan Newbery

Nottingham Trent University