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Cashel’s Blog

Thoughts from a National Squad Athlete

“There will always be reasons not to do something, you just have to value the reason to do it more”. - Cashel Goggin

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I have been very interested in martial arts since I was a young child, and always wanted to do the awesome moves on TV and film. When the opportunity came, I noticed Taekwon-do was very dynamic and different from a lot of other martial arts so I decided to give it a go. After my first two lessons I was hooked and I have loved it ever since.

For me when I think of Taekwon-do, I think of fast, agile, and explosive movements. It has always fascinated me how martial arts gives a smaller person the ability to produce a lot of power and with Taekwon-do it is certainly the case. Even though through exercising I have become strong, Taekwon-do has helped me multiply the power of my punches and kicks, along with a variety of physical movements improving my overall agility. Furthermore I continue to practice this art because it has helped my mental and spiritual well-being in a manner of speaking. It has given me so much confidence to pursue my goals and has introduced me to many of my best friends, which makes me love this art even more.

My experience as a squad member has been a very enjoyable time so far, as I have met a lot of keen students who also want to push themselves further and be better than they were yesterday. When you are with this kind of group, then it is enviable that you see improvements and new ways to progress.

It has given me more friends, and more opportunities to compete and travel while doing so. I think this is an absolutely wonderful opportunity for students starting out now and they should feel very fortunate to have a great support group moving forward with their studies and Taekwon-do training.

Cashel Goggin, 2nd Dan ITF