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Nicole’s Blog

Thoughts from a National Squad Athlete

They are amazing friends as well as team mates. - Nicole Scholten

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Before I met the BUTL team back in 2017, competitions would really freak me out and I would often be very sceptical and intimidated by them. The whole squad have always been very welcoming to me, I didn’t realise I’d actually met lots of them a few years ago when I was 15, where they supported me at the Open World Championships in The Netherlands.

Now I can be very relaxed about competitions or any kind of events, I know I won't be alone and if there would be any issues with anything I know there are people who will try their best to help me solve them. The squad isn't just helpful during competition itself, as the people are a lot of fun to be surrounded by. They helped me a lot with decisions regarding which University to choose but also taught me a lot, and not just Taekwon-Do related.

Nicole Scholten, Student National Squad Member