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Joshua’s Blog

Thoughts from a National Squad Athlete

I think Taekwon-Do is awesome as it explores the physical capabilities of your body!” - Joshua Iyalla

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Where would I be without Taekwon-Do? It’s incomprehensible that one sport can change someone’s life so drastically.

Before I began doing Taekwon-Do I was often teased for being too skinny. I lacked self confidence and could not stand up for myself. Learning Taekwon-Do, it taught me discipline, self control, and all sort of essential social skills. The training is often stimulating and vigorous leaving you feeling satisfied after!

The competitions are challenging and rewarding. How many sports can you 360 kick someone to the head and still be friends after? I’ve been blessed enough to have been sponsored by a franchise of McDonald’s for the European championships and sponsored by Premier Gym to train!

I’m often called “mental” for the frequency of my training, but I’ve found that there’s something about Taekwon-Do training that’s both physical and mentally satisfying acting as a stress reliever and confidence booster, consequently I train at least once every day! Training isn’t a chore! It’s a habit!

My next steps in my Taekwon-Do journey are to compete in at the 1st University Taekwon-Do World Championships and attempt to become the best fighter I possibly can be!

Joshua Iyalla

University of Leeds Student