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  • Educational Programmes

  • We offer a range of training opportunities including seminars, umpire courses and workshops. With an array of World Class Instructors ready to pass on knowledge and experience these programmes are incredibly popular and can take place virtually or in person. We often hold courses nationally but can provide these bespoke for groups, ensuring it’s catered to your clubs needs.



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  • Seminars

    Our Seminar Series programme is one of the most popular courses available. Learn and train with International Instructors and Masters in person or from the comfort of your own home. Seminars involve a 2-3 hour training session along with a question and answers feature, usually concentrating on traditional Taekwon-Do training.


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  • Fight Camps

    Alongside more traditional seminars we offer bespoke training sessions catered more towards the competitive side of Taekwon-Do. Our fight camps are perfect for anyone wanting to take competition to the next level. Taught by an array of International and National Coaches, European and World Champions.


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  • Umpire Courses

    Being a competitor is an exciting part of competition, but wouldn’t be possible without incredible umpires. Our umpire courses help students progress their knowledge outside the ring and allow them to achieve certification in national refereeing. Taught by international and class A umpires, these courses are world class and cover all approved aspects and rules of competition.

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