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    Year 1 - 2015/16

    6 Universities

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    Year 3 - 2017/18

    18 Universities

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    Year 5 - 2019/20

    33 Universities

  • Our History

    The British University Taekwon-Do League (BUTL) is the foundation of Student Taekwon-Do, created to provide unique and inclusive opportunities for all Student practitioners of Taekwon-Do. We pride ourselves on our family ethos and built in community, with the aim to unite all practitioners of the art. We provide competitive and educational opportunities to University and College Institutions and their students across the UK and Ireland. All our events cater for both ITF and WT students and offer an in depth programme across all platforms.


    We were founded in 2015 by former University student Mr Ross Sharman. What began as a small inter club competition has now become a fully operational international organisation covering student Taekwon-Do for the UK and Ireland. Founded by just one individual, we now have a large team that we refer to as our BUTL family. We pride ourselves in being a welcoming and inclusive organisation and are honoured to have such a passionate and incredible team. Starting as just a competitive league, BUTL has grown into an array of competitive opportunities and educational platforms, additional to being the home of the two Student National Squads.

    Since being founded in 2015, BUTL has reached and welcomed thousands of University and College students across an array of competitive and educational events. To cater to all styles of Taekwon-Do, BUTL has a unique bespoke program and sport offer that allows all individuals to compete together regardless of association or style. At BUTL we strive to follow the founder, General Choi Hong Hi’s ideology of one Taekwon-Do. One of our biggest successes is the ability to unite practitioners. In 2018 we held an event at Loughborough University, dedicated to bringing together and uniting every UK association for one day. We were honoured to be joined by 3 Grand Masters and 18 Masters, representing all ITF and WT associations and organisations within the UK, a first in Taekwon-Do since 2001. The event was honoured by the presence of Pioneer Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha IX Dan, the Father of British and European Taekwon-Do who joined the celebrations. In 2018 we were announced as the providers of the University Taekwon-Do World Championships, with the first event taking place in 2022.

    Our Aims

    The British Taekwon-Do League (herein ''The BUTL”) aims to:

    1. Create an ethos where club size does not dictate success.
    2. Offer a democratically run University club-based competition not limited by politics or affiliation
    3. Promote and develop the social integration of student clubs around the country
    4. Provide unique and affordable opportunities to University and College students
    5. Advance the sport of Taekwon-Do at an Institutional level, while offering a world class experience

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